About the Journal

Injutech: Indonesian Journal of Technology and Digital Transformation (P-ISSN: xxx-xxx|& E-ISSN xxx-xxx) is a blind peer-reviewed journal published by Edujavare Publishing, Indonesia. This journal publishes research articles, conceptual articles, field study reports and book reviews on all scopes of Science and Technology field. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Physics, Material, and Mechanical Engineering; Biology, Biological and Bio System Engineering; Food and Agriculture Engineering; Mathematics; Computer Science and Engineering; Earth Science and Engineering; Space Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Architecture and Civil Engineering; Environment Science and Engineering; Basic Science in Engineering Education; Engineering Education Reforms; New Technologies in Education; Industry and Education: A Continous Collaboration; Research and Development in Engineering Education; Globalisation in Engineering Education; Women in Engineering Education; Computers, Internet, Multimedia in Engineering Education; Organization of Laboratories; Agricultural Bio Systems Engineering Education; Mechanical Engineering Education; Electric and Electronic Engineering Education; Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering Education.

The coverage of Digital Transformation includes: 

a. Digital Transformation from Strategic Perspective in Developing Countries
b. Digital Transformation from Leadership and Organization Perspective in Developing Countries
c. Digital Transformation from Marketing Perspective in Developing Countries
d. Digital Transformation from Entrepreneurship and Innovation Perspective in Developing Countries
e. Digital Transformation from Supply Chain and Operation Perspective in Developing Countries (See Focus and Scope). This journal article is published four times a year; 2 issues per year (June and December).

P-ISSN xxx-xxx

E-ISSN xxx-xxx